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Safety in the Kink Community

How to Maintain a (Mostly) Minor-free Platform

Posted by LilSunnyKoala on

  We all see the kink bios: NMIK (No Minors In Kink), DNI (Do Not Interact) MINORS, 18+ ONLY, etc. Keeping minors out of the kink community is very important for their safety as unfortunately our community is a target for sexual predators and groomers. This is also important for your own safety as you could be held liable for someone getting hurt. Additionally, many types of play can be extremely dangerous if attempted improperly. For these reasons and more, minors interested in kink should take their time before turning 18 to read and learn rather than actively participate in...

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Problematic Paci Shops, Predators, and YOU

Posted by Ddlg_KittyKat on

  *Disclaimer: The following are true stories. Names have been changed to protect participants’ privacy.   Dasha was only 15 when she met her 31-year-old abuser online. This online relationship eventually transferred to an in-person setting where his abuse continued to escalate. By the time Dasha turned 18, the abuse had become so severe that his friends were beginning to abuse her as well. When she begged them to stop, her abuser threatened to beat her or shoot her if she told anyone. Dasha’s story is not rare. Carrie was also introduced to kink at age 15 “under the guise...

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