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Medicine Tracker Calendar

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Do you find it a little hard to keep track of whether or not you took your medication? Then this tracker calendar may just be for you! Comes in two different styles - a single month version and a 12-month version

Available in digital format - just pay, download the file, and print as many copies as you'd like! We just ask that you please do not share the digital file. The file will automatically be emailed after payment.

Also available in a hard copy format - comes with a laminated calendar and dry erase marker. You can use the marker, erase with a paper towel, and reuse the calendar as many times as you'd like! Color of the dry erase marker may vary. IMPORTANT NOTE: Over time, the color of the dry erase marker may "stick" to the laminate. This can easily be fixed with dry erase board spray. You can also use hand sanitizer or nail polish remover to wipe the laminante clean.

Designed by the wonderful @lumpyblanket on Instagram!


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