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Kawaii SM Collection

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This kawaii Sailor Moon collection features one 12-inch paddle, one 8-inch paddle, a liquid shaker wand, and luxury adult pacifier. Each sold individually. 

The paddles were handmade with resin, mica powder, confetti, glitter, and vinyl decals. Both sides are sealed in resin for a glossy and professional finish that also increases its durability! Although these paddles may be used for impact play, they are not indestructible. Anything may break if enough force is provided. Refunds/exchanges will not be accepted if your paddle gets broken during an impact session. 

The bunny shaker wand was handmade with resin, mica powder, confetti, and glitter. Filled with mini beads, confetti, glitter, and oil. Decorated with a handmade bow and Sakura charm. Domed in resin on both sides for a glossy and professional finish.

The luxury pacifier was partially encrusted with Swarovski crystals and glow in the dark rhinestones. Swarovski crystals provide an extra sparkle!

How to make your paci GLOW:

  • Charge in direct sunlight OR hold it close up to a lightbulb
  • The charge will last up to 10 hours!
  • Can be charged millions of times!