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Bulk Options

Are you a small ABDL/DDLG themed shop looking for a paci and/or resin supplier? Or perhaps youre just a crafter that loves to deco their own pacis? Whatever the case may be I have a solution for you!

What do I sell in bulk?

  • Plain pacifiers
  • Resin peices (both centerpeices and small accents)

For how much?

  • Plain pacifiers: $3 each per regular color, $3.50 each per glitter color
  • Resin peices: $10 grab bag (20 - 25 peices) & $20 grab bag (45 - 50 peices) - random selection but will do our best to appeal to specific requests

To qualify for the bulk pacifier discount you must buy a MINIMUM of 10 pacifiers. 

Are you interested?

Then message me directly on Instagram @dlilkittenz-boutique or email me at !