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Customer Health Policy

Dlilkitten'z Customer Health Policy

With the anxiety and concerns surrounding the Coronavirus, I thought it would be a good time to formalize and communicate how I ensure customer health during custom & packaging process. This is a policy that I have followed since I've opened my shop in 2018, but have added some additional precautions to be extra safe.

  • Hands are always washed thoroughly before handling any product at any time; sanitized for extra protection
  • All pacifiers are hand washed with Dawn dish soap and dried with a clean paper towel; this also seconds as a stress test because I use a brush to ensure all resin pieces and rhinestones are glued securely.
  • Clothing is stored in a sealed bin and each garment is individually wrapped
  • Pacifiers & bottles are also stored in a sealed bin, but are not individually wrapped
  • Sippies are stored in their individual cardboard boxes, wrapped in bubblewrap

If you have any other questions or concerns don't hesitate to email me directly at .

I want to make sure everyone feels safe and secure when ordering from my store. Your health is one of my up most priorities along with good quality products and excellent customer service.