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Green Sustainability Initiative

Like many of you may have realized, humans have been taking from the Earth and have forgotten to give back just as much (if not more) than what we take. This has resulted in an imbalanced planet and environment; storms have become more intense, plagues have risen from dust, and fear is more prevalent than ever. However, there is still Hope! We can make changes in our everyday lives to give back what we have taken to establish balance once again. Hope is not lost, even in the darkest of times! Even changes that appear to be small can have a huge impact. This Green Sustainability Initiative is my personal effort to give back to Earth one step at a time. On this page you will see steps that I have already taken and steps that I will continue to take to be as sustainable as I can get. If you have specific suggestions, please feel free to email them directly to - your opinion matters!

Steps that I have already taken:

  • More eco-friendly packaging. More specifically, I use biodegradable mailers, boxes, and other shipping supplies to ship your orders with.
  • Using reusable cups and stir sticks, as opposed to one-use plastic cups and popsicle sticks, during the resin making process.
  • Holistic Care Packages: Holistic care packages are now available with every order valued $50 or more. They may include genuine crystals, an informative fact slip explaining crystal properties, herbal teas, and more all wrapped in a burlap bag that can be reused or composted. Each bag will vary depending on what is in stock, therefore, it may be different every time! Not included in bulk orders.

Steps to implement:

Please note, in this section, some plans will be implemented more quickly than others. Although it is my wish to implement as many positive changes as quickly as I can, it is important that I do not deplete myself of all resources so that this store can continue to grow and bring happiness to people's lives. It is a delicate balance.

  • Ethical Sources: I plan to only buy from ethically sourced companies and individuals; meaning I will make a diligent effort to buy materials from sources that give back, if not more, than what they take from the environment. 
  • Biobased Resins: Once I have used up all of the resin I have currently, I plan to only buy biobased resins in the future. Traditional resins are primarily made of plastic that can be harmful to the environment, however, biobased resins have organic compounds in them making them an eco-friendlier alternative. Research will continue to be conducted as new products are released so that I can select the most eco-friendly product to work with. 
  • Natural Fiber Clothing: This will take longer to implement, but I am making a commitment to find a new manufacturer than only uses natural fibers to make clothing. Natural fiber clothing is perfect for individuals with sensitive skin and is healthier for the environment than clothing made of synthetic fibers.
  • Plastic Altneratives: This will happen slowly, but surely. I am dedicated to slowly removing plastic products/supplies and replace them with higher quality replacements. For example, as soon as I sell out of the plastic bottles in stock I will no longer be restocking/selling them. However, I will continue to sell & make glass mason bottles.

If you would like to continue helping the environment, you may remove tape and labels and put the mailers / cardboard boxes in a composter. It is recommended to compost as opposed to recycle whenever it is possible because recycling uses up quite a bit of energy that can be unhealthy to the environment. 

This is only the beginning of a new journey for this shop - I will continue to update this page as new ideas are implemented. This initiative is my commitment to making the world a healthier place for all of us to live in. Not just for our generation, but for all future generations to come. Subscribe to our mailing list if you would like to learn more about the steps we will continue to take towards a greener planet. Also, if you have any specific suggestions, please email me directly at 

Last edited February 2022