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Deluxe Rose Quartz Self Love

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This precious adult pacifier was hand decorated with genuine Rose Quartz crystals, alphabet beads, fully encrusted with clear traditional rhinestones, and charms hanging off the handle. 

Rose Quartz is said to promote all types of unconditional love whether it be self-love, romantic, or familial.

Please cleanse your crystals regularly. It is recommended to cleanse crystals at least once a month. Some may do it more frequently depending on how much the crystals are used. There are several ways this can be accomplished:

  • Wave it under sacred smoke using incense, sage, or Palo Santo
  • Rinse it under water or leave it in a bowl of saltwater(⚠️ Not all crystals are compatible with water, please do a quick Google search on whether your crystal type can be exposed to water. Examples of crystals that cannot be exposed to water are Selenite, Angelite, and Fluorite. Also, not all crystals can be exposed to salt as it can be corrosive - please do your research ⚠️)
  • Bury it under salt or soil overnight
  • Leave it in the light of a full moon