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Twin Lamb Dreamland Onesie

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This adorable ABDL onesie features the Twin Lambs original characters with assorted baby items, clouds, stars, and lightning bolts. Upgrade to include a matching pacifier clip! Exclusively at Dlilkitten'z Boutique. 

Made of 90% polyester / 10% spandexMilk Silk, for an even softer and stretchier fit! 4-way stretch and lightweight fabric. Long sleeved with 4 metal button snaps.

Please check all of your measurements prior to purchase to ensure that you buy the correct size. Returns or exchanges are NOT accepted at this time as this is considered to be a sensitive product. 

Limited sizes available so make sure to grab yours today!


The onesies are NOW IN STOCK, however, the clips are made from a different manufacturer and they are not completed yet. I do not have an estimate of when the clips will be done since the factory is experiencing closures due to COVID. Therefore, I will not sell anymore pacifier clips until I have an estimate of when they should arrive. I will be contacting those that have already ordered clips to come to a solution that works for each individual. Email me at or DM me on Instagram @dlilkittenz_boutique if you have additional questions. 


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