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Trippy Rainbow Collection

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This 420 themed collection was 100% handmade with lots of love ❤ Features the following items. Each item sold separately! 

  • Water Pipe: holographic rainbow & glow in the dark glitter, coated in resin for a professional, glossy finish. Accents are placed with e6000, an industrial strength adhesive, to ensure that everything stays exactly where it should. 
  • Adult Pacifier: rainbow pot leaf shaker centerpeice, alphabet beads, rhinestones & pearls along the border and handle. Everything placed with e6000. 
  • Paci Pin: rainbow bong shaker centerpeice, alphabet beads, fully encrusted with rhinestones & pearls . Everything placed with e6000.
  • Wand: rainbow pigment, glitter, & resin. Liquid shaker provide a beautiful slow drop of everything inside.
  • Earrings: Made with stainless steel hooks - perfect for individuals with sensitive skin!
  • Keychain: rainbow pigment, glitter, & resin. Liquid shaker.
  • Bic Lighter Sleeve: resin, rainbow pigment, & glitter. Compatible with Bic lighters only (please make sure the lighter doesn't have a plastic film over it before placing it in the sleeve). Lighter not included