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UPGRADE: Colored Teats

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Do you prefer the clear teats over the standard frosted teats that are provided? Then add this item to your cart to let me know that you'd like me to replace the frosted teat for the clear teat. The teat will already be attached to the pacifier so there's no need to assemble it. Easy peasy!

The second image compares the clear teat to the frosted one. The clear teat is more round and smooth for a more comfortable fit. It also is much less likely to deflate!

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS ITEM BY ITSELF! You MUST buy this upgrade along with the pacifier you want to be upgraded. If you want to upgrade multiple pacifiers, include all desired pacifiers and the number of upgrades. One upgrade is for one pacifier only. If you want to by the clear teat by itself search for "replacement teats".


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